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European Policy Studies Center for Regional and Local Development

European Academy of Regions

Time: October 26, 2019

Venue: Faculty of Economics, Ismail Qemali University, Vlora

In the series of Open Lectures, part of the rubric: International Lectures of CRDLS Albania (CAIL), CRLDS in cooperation with the European Academy of Regions bring Louis Delcart on 26 October 2018, who presented the lecture:


outlining the latest forecasts, technology trends and policy announcements globally.

Luiza Hoxhaj moderated this activity and brought the topic tailored  on the conditions of Albania, through her reflections on the topic.


The workshop: “Fostering of regional and local economic development in Albania via tourism & cultural heritage”

As part of the 3rd Forum for Regional and Local Economic Development - FoRLEd 2018, organized by the Center for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development (CRLDS Albania) in collaboration with the European Academy of Regions (EAR-EER, Brussels), Berat Municipality and other actors of Berat District,


Center for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development - CRLDS

European Academy of Regions - EAR-EAR

Time: July 30- October 31, 2018.

The seminar was held on October 25 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Venue: The seminar was held in Berat at the Prefecture's headquarters

Keynote Speakers:

Provision of Country Intelligence Reports


Title: Provision of Country Intelligence Reports

 Time: 1 June 2018- 31 May 2019

 Lead Partner: Blomeyer & Sanz

 Partner for Albania and Kosovo: Center for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development_CRLDS

 Contract No: EASO/2018/624

 Funding: European Asylum Support Office

Civil society organizations play an important role in the debate on and implementation of asylum policy. Their specific expertise and knowledge is synergetic to the Agency’s work and can be of added-value. EASO is committed to establishing a real and genuine dialogue with civil society  as we strongly believe that the exchange of ideas can be of mutual benefit to both parties. 

Cycle of Seminars in Design Thinking


Time: 18/01/2017 10:00 – 14:00 a clock

Venue: Hotel Doro City, Tirana

Workshop on the topic:  "FROM DESIGN THINKING TO TANGIBLE CHANGE: AVOIDING DEAD-END INNOVATION BY INVESTING IN THE FUZZY FRONT-END". , is organized by CRLDS Albania and helded by Steinar - Valade Amlande, THREE POINT ZERO, Denmark. 

The workshop: addressing to anyone in charge of or engaged in development of products, services or initiatives – public or private – and which focuses on how design thinking can contribute to better results ;

2nd Western Balkans Forum on Regional and Local Economic Development

Venue: Hall “Aula Magna”, University Ismail Qemali of Vlora.

Time: 30 November to 2 December, 2017

Organizer: Center for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development_CRLDS Albania.

Co-organizer: European Academy of Regions – EAR-AER,

Partner: University Ismail Qemali of Vlora, Regional Council of Vlora, Albanian Assocciation of Regions and…see the logo below.

Financial Supporter: Ministry of Infrastructure and Flanders Government, Cardone Consulting, “Uji Tepelena”.

Project "CRDLS Albania International Lectures - CAIL", Edition 2015-2017

CRDLS Albania International Lectures (CAIL) are a series of lectures to bring in Albania the major protagonists of the international scientific and financial world.

This is also one of the rubrics, which has the seal of the European Policy Center for Regional and Local Development Studies. This rubric will be permanent and intertwined with several other projects, depending on the topic they cover, but also in the form of special public lectures.

With these meetings, international journeys, high scientific and cultural level, CRDLS is once again a credible and prestigious interlocutor at the international level, offering pedagogues, students, enterprises and citizens the opportunity to open a new window in the world of knowledge, demonstrating, in the meantime, the potential and added value created by this center.


The First Regional Economic and Regional Development Forum was organized by CRLDS and EAR-EAR in cooperation with Vlora Municipality, Vlora Region, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the University of Vlora, with the support of the Flemish Government. It was held in the hall of the Municipality of Vlora, in the presence of the mayor of Vlora, Mr. Dritan LELI.

The first forum for regional and local economic development took place after the Territorial Administrative Reform in Albania and its initial effects, as well as the start of the second phase of decentralization reform in Albania: the Reform of Territorial Regionalization in Albania.

Capacity bulding of the administrativ staffs of the Qarks Counsils

“Economic Development on the practice: From sector skills and occupational standards of the regional councils to educational standards, learning programmes and qualifications authorities.  What role for Qark, CRLDS and a regional development agency in establishing a national qualifications system”.

With Manfred Ziewers, International Trainer.

Place: Hotel “Mondial”, Tirana

Time: on 29-30 September 2016

Trainer: Manfred Ziewers, International Coach

Facilitator: Luiza Hoxhaj

Partners: CRLDS Albania, Regional Council of Tirana and Association of the Councils of the Regions of Albania

Funded by: Regional Council of Tirana

Manfred Ziewers, International Coach is offered without payment.

Heaven is in our hands

In dated May 26, 2016, in the premises of Hotel Tirana International, Balsha Hall in Tirana, The Center for the Study of European Policy for Regional Development and Local organized a conference on the value and importance of the figure of Mother Teresa, Gonxhe Bojaxhiu on the eve of the canonization from the Vatican.

This lectures forum is part of the project of our Center called by one of the expressions of Mother Teresa:

 "Heaven is in our hands"

This significant project has its origins in one of the most popular sections of our Center: International Center's Lecture (CAIL).

The onset of the project, which is already the first event in our country before Mother Teresa's beatification of is opened by Dr. Alpion joy, from the University of Birmingham, UK, who held The Public Lecture: "Mother Teresa: Challenges of the study before and after the cannonisation".