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About us

Who are

Centre for European Policy Studies Local and Regional Development (Qendra e Studimit të Politikave Europiane për Zhvillimin Rajonal dhe Lokal in albanian), is a non-profit organization, registered in the legal forme of the  "Center",  according to the law No.8788 dated on 07/05/2001 and the law No.8789 dated on 07/05/2001

Centre aims to strengthen Albanian systems, of local development, favoring the entrenchment and consolidation of local development experiences, territorial identity, social cohesion and creating synergies between local institutions.

Where are we
  • Headquarters of “EUROPEAN POLICIES STUDY CENTER FOR REGIONAL AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT “is in Tirane ,“Komuna e Parisit” street, Alban Tirana buildings, building no.4, 5-th floor, flat no.3
  • Operating Office Center is located on the road Ymer Kurti, Olympia Center, Kat II, near the Office of Albanian Post no. 8 Tirana.
  • Centre may establish branches or its subsidiaries in the whole territory of the Republic of Albania and abroad.
What we do

The Center’s activity is multidisciplinary, with a particular emphasis on knowledge. The Object of the activity of the centre is:

-The center will promote and organize meetings that deal with the topic of regional and local sustainable development in economic, social and environmental area, as well as relevant policies.

-The center acts as a centre for training and sensibilizationfor interested individuals and groups, within the scope of its activity. It organizes and promotes seminars, meetings and conferences related to this field.

-The centerestablishes relationship with local and foreign analogues organization in order to exchange experiences, promote best practices as well as the collection and presentation of case studies of national, regional and local interest.

-The center conducts appliedand theoretical research,education and consulting activity in the field of regional and local sustainable development.

-The centerpromotes andfavour the scientific cooperation between Albanian and foreign researchers, operating in the development of theanalyse sector, assessment of local resources and environmental, cultural and territorial impact,of the development and their compatibility with the European directives and the development indicators formulated at the international level. 

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the centre "EUROPEAN POLICIES STUDY CENTER FOR REGIONAL AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT" is composed by:

Skerdi Dafa Chairman of the Board CV
Erik Skendaj Member of the Board CV
Florida Grosler Member of the Board CV

Scientific committee

  • Executive Director: Luisa Hoxhaj, an expert on the topic research on regional and local development CV
  • Centre’s staff
  • Collaborator researcher