Promoting effective VET/AE/LLL approaches aiming at employability in strategic investment projects - Reflections on role of a REDA and their input to employment generation

Time of delivery, Date: 12-13 March 2015

Location: Hotel Mondial, Tirana

Trainer: Manfred ZIEWERS

Mitigation: Luiza Hoxhaj.

The seminar was offered by CRLDS & International coach Manfred Ziewers


The 2-days workshop aimed to strengthen analytical competencies of participants and to train their skills to advocate effective VET-Adult Education-Lifelong Learning approaches to foster employability and employment in the context of a broader human resources development strategy, given the circumstances in a specific country.

Availability of adequate manpower sufficient in number and quality at the right time plays a significant role in the decision making process to perform a particular investment.

The 20 participants were placed in front of a hypothetical situation which had to provide solutions based on knowledge obtained during the workshop.

This, on the one hand, helps staff to provide consultancy center right, in turn, helps administrators of public services and other actors involved in economic development for investors to understand the specific enterprise in order to be able to support the identification of appropriate strategies to përpur the demand for workforce development in their region.

The number of participants: 20