Project "CRDLS Albania International Lectures - CAIL", Edition 2015-2017

CRDLS Albania International Lectures (CAIL) are a series of lectures to bring in Albania the major protagonists of the international scientific and financial world.

This is also one of the rubrics, which has the seal of the European Policy Center for Regional and Local Development Studies. This rubric will be permanent and intertwined with several other projects, depending on the topic they cover, but also in the form of special public lectures.

With these meetings, international journeys, high scientific and cultural level, CRDLS is once again a credible and prestigious interlocutor at the international level, offering pedagogues, students, enterprises and citizens the opportunity to open a new window in the world of knowledge, demonstrating, in the meantime, the potential and added value created by this center.

What is essential in this project is about the fact that immediately after the lecture begins the debate on the relevant topic. In the forthcoming period these discussions are intensified in the thematic Workshop.

Project promoter is our Center, CRLDS Albania.

Depending on the region where lectures and dialogue are held for the respective topics, the Center builds the respective partnerships.

This cycle was inaugurated by our distinguished guest: Professor Alexander Carnera, Copenhagen Business School, with two open lectures held in Vlora city, in the framework of celebrations of Albania's 100th Anniversary of Independence on 6 November 2012.

CENTER in fulfilling its priorities for the period: 2015-2017, where two of the basic pillars are "Culture" and "Knowledge Economy", as well as in the implementation of the activity plan reopening the series of Open Lectures, continuing with lectures others:

In this second edition, following the success of the first edition 2012-2014, the following protagonists were also invited:

1.Public Lecture: "Why does Albania need 'public intellectuals'

Center CRLDS Albania organized within the framework of the "Docpie" Project Public lecture:

"Why does Albania need" public intellectuals "

Location: Hotel Doro City

Date: 16/04/2015, Time: 11.00

The public lecture was co-funded by the "Europe for Citizens" Program under the project "Docpie".
Lecturer: Dr. Gezim Alpion, Birmingham University, UK.

Moderator: Luiza Hoxhaj

This activity was a combination of two rubrics: "Public Lectures" and "Tako Talentet Shqiptare".
Participants in this activity, coming from different fields, as the topic of the lecture was comprehensive and of public interest, attended for approximately 2 hours this very interesting lecture, conceived in two parts:

45 minutes the development of the topic by Dr. Gezim Alpion and

The other 45 minutes for questions, answers and discussions.

 It is worth highlighting the high number of students, part of the audience, who demonstrated high interest in the topic and engaged in multiple questions and discussions.

In this public lecture, Gëzim Alpion focuses mainly on the importance of intellectuals in the development of society and the role of universities in creating a conscious intelligence for its responsibilities.

This activity is addressed to: all interested persons on this topic, all those aspiring for an active and productive role of its important actors, the role that our intellectuals should play. We need a lot of their public presence and visibility. They are not lacking, but they are not enough. Let's multiply their voice!

The abbreviated biography of Gezim Alpion

Gëzim Alpion was born in Peshkopi in 1962. He studied in Cairo for BA and MA, and in 1997 defended his doctorate at Durham University. He was a lecturer at Huddersfield University, Sheefield Hallama, and Newman before being appointed in 2002 at the Department of Sociology at the University of Birmingham, where he is currently Director of Sociology and the Director of Combined Programs at the School of Governance and Society. Alpion is a board member of several scientific journals, including "Celebrity Studies," published in Routledge. Initially he drew the attention of British media with the release and screening of British drama 'Vouchers: A Tragedy' (2001) and 'If Only and Dead Could Listen' (2008). The monograph 'Mother Teresa: Saint or Celebrity' was published in English by Routledge in London and New York (2007), New Delhi, (2008) and in Italian by Salerno editore in Rome (2008). This work and volumes of 'Foregner Complex' (2002) and 'Encounters with Civilisations': From Alexander the Graet to Mother Teresa, published in India (2008) and in America (2009 and 2011) by Transaction Publications, from academic criticism. Author of a number of studies in academic journals and academic collections, Gëzim Alpion is considered as ex the most authoritative author of Mother Teresa English. He has published a series of articles in several authoritative papers such as The Guardian, The Hindustan Times, The Middle Est Times, and The Hyrriyet Daily News. 

2- Open Lecture:

"Michel Foucault: Biopolitica - Between Power and ethics", by Prof. Alexander Carnera, Copenhagen Business School, De.

The Center, in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Tirana, organized on 18/05/2016 at the "Excellence Hall" of this faculty, its next activity:

Open lecture on:

"Michel Foucault: Biopolitica - Midis power and ethics",

by Prof. Alexander Carnera, Copenhagen Business School, De.

In this lecture conceived in two parts as follows:

First Part 45 min: 1. Power in Life: Birth of Biopolitics - Self-management Society.

Part Two 45 min: 2. LIFE AS A POWER: Ethics, Imagination and how to get serious values ​​(good life), as well as a "Question & Answer" session.

Target Group: participated in individuals who are interested in the subject, particularly students and pedagogues of political science, philosophy , architecture, design, arts and people who exercise a public function.

Short profile Prof. Alexander Carnera

From 1993 to 2000 he was registered as a Ph.D. completing his dissertation on Law, Language and Aesthetics. The first work in Scandinavia analyzes law and culture and a broader field including studies on aesthetics, narrative, and silent knowledge. Thesis title: Rettens alkymi (Alchemy of the Law) was defended in June 1997 (Samleren forlag).

From 1997 to 2000, Deputy Director of Law (Law and Ethics) at Bachelor and Master Degree at the Law Faculty, University of Copenhagen. He has been teaching and researching hermeneutics, law and organizational ethics, law and power, law and morality.

In 2001 he was enrolled as a postgraduate docent at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy (CBS) in the project "Biopolitics and Governance in Economy and Labor". February 2010 defended his doctoral thesis (dr.phil). in CBS for Biopolitics (Evaluation Committee: Prof. Ole Fogh Kirkeby, Prof. Pierre Guillet de Monthoux and Prof. Håkan Gustaffson). Thesis title: Magnet on the living and living som magt. Researcher of the den biopolitisque ambivalens (Power on life and life as power, studies in ambivalence of biopolitics). Published that year. The thesis explores the ambivalent aspect of modern governing power structures, working life, social life and creative industries (design and film) characterized by continued ambivalence: power and freedom, economic governance, and ethical and aesthetic criticism. This is the first doctoral paper on biopolitics in Scandinavia and the first to combine studies on power and ethics in the field of "Cultural Economy" (a non-material economy), a curriculum that has now emerged as a major field around the world addressing issues over intangible economy, social innovation, pedagogy, learning processes, co-creation within and outside organization, self-management, self-care. For nearly ten years Carnera has worked on these and related issues in terms of organization and the non-material economy, self-governance and self-care, learning processes, aesthetic communication, creativity and business. He has published books and articles in Danish and English in various international journals related to these issues.  

3. Open Lecture: "Is the European Regional Approach useful when it comes to economic development and employment?". 

Time: 12 October 2016, 12:00

Place: Faculty of Economics at Elbasan University "Aleksander Xhuvani".

Lecturer: Prof. Louis Delcart, Brussels  

Moderator: Luiza Hoxhaj

In the hall of the Faculty of Economics at Elbasan University "Alexander Xhuvani", Mr. Louis Delcart gave a lecture on regional approach as a methodology to stimulate social and economic development in Europe. The audience was composed of staff of professors and professors at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Elbasan. The public praised the emergence of new aspects such as Credel to Credel and Cleantech as new opportunities in business development, the many opportunities in the internet application of things and the co-operation of the triple spiral in regional development. 


Louis Delcart was invited by CRLDS to give a lecture on the following topics: "ENTERPRENEURSHIP, DRIVING FORCE IN A DEVELOPING ECONOMY",

Time and place:

On 13/10/2016 for the last year students of Gymnasium Babe Dude Karbunara in the center of Berat about entrepreneurship. The two teachers (both English and IT) and 42 students attended the lecture. During and after the lecture, the pupils and the lecturer were involved in a very vibrant interaction between them about the new European opportunities to be educated and their role in developing new businesses and meeting the new needs of society. The exchange of ideas went smoothly thanks to the excellent English language skills of the young Albanian generation.

On 14/10/2016 it was held in the premises of Youth Center with Young and Vlora students

He was accompanied in these events by Mrs. Luiza Hoxhaj, who moderated the activities.

5. Public lecture: "Mother Teresa: Challenges of study before and after sanctification". 

Organizer: European Policy Center for Local Regional Development

Partner: Academy of Sciences of Albania, National Experimental Theater, Tirana

Time: Dt 26 May 2016

Place: Hotel Tirana International, Balsha Hall in Tirana

Lecturer: Dr. Gezim Alpion, of the University of Birmingham of Great Britain, who delivered the public lecture: "Mother Teresa: Challenges of study before and after sanctification."

The European Policy Center for Local Regional Development organized a Public Lecture on Values ​​and Importance of the figure of Mother Teresa, Gonxhe Bojaxhiu on the eve of Vatican sanctification. In a host of details of this famous figure, Dr. Gezim Alpion, of the University of Birmingham of Great Britain, drew the attention of a diverse audience with students, clerics and diplomats, citizens, scholars and believers.

Dr. Alpion studied at Cairo University and defended his doctorate in England where he was a lecturer at several universities before being appointed to Birmingham University. His most famous book is Mother Teresa: Holy or Famous, published in London and New York, New Delhi and Rome. But Dr Alpion reported in Tirana that he has a new book for Mother Teresa. 

This meaningful project has its origins in one of the most popular sections of our Center: International Lectures at the CRLDS Center.

This is also the event of seen in our country before Mother Teresa's sanctification.

6. Lation on Sustainable Development and Rational Use of Natural Resources in Albania ", by Dr. Stanislav Shmelev, Director at Environment Europe, Visiting Prof. at University of Edinburg, UK.

Date: 30/11 / 2017

Venue: Petro Marko Theater, Vlora

Organizer: European Policy Center for Local Regional DevelopmentPartner: Academy of Sciences of Albania, Petro Marko Theater of Vlora, Municipality of Vlora and DAR Vlore.

Through this rubric and this culture, which further develops the capacity of human capital, the exchange of knowledge inspires new contemporary ideas. CAIL will continue with many other guests, from the University of Padova, "Ca-Foscari" of Venice and so on.

Other lessons will be announced case by case. 

Lead Partner: