The 1-st Conference: “Tako Talentet Shqiptare- Meet Alb Talents”

“Tako Talentet Shqiptare- Meet Alb Talents” , as part of the "Meet AlbTalents", was held in the city of Vlora, on March 28-29 with the slogan :

"Who finds, who does, who will mbrin" ..

“Talent is the passion to reach the dream, it makes a person happy and the progress more actual…that is why we have to run without falling and to walk without stopping, with our head high and our mind leading us”.

The conference was a joint contribution to the challenge of the state and the Albanian society for the return of professionals in the country and effective reintegration in the social, economic and political. This means the process of adaptation to the country of origin in order that the knowledge and experience accumulated abroad to serve not only the individual but also progress progress of the country and our society.

Through this project Vlora “will run as a national laboratory of  monitoring the phenomenon and experimenting the policies of their re-absorption. Youth, academics, experts, institutions, representatives of the business community etc will discuss topics and solutions that will be undertaken to make reversible the decision to leave the country and to convert the added value of their experience gained abroad.

Objectives: the general objective of the project “Meet AlbTalents” is to create an opportunity for participation, confrontation of Albanian young talents who are abroad and those who are already back, to create a dialogue with experts and institutions, to encourage interaction with Albanian companies interested to know and assess international experiences or to give their experiencies.

Target Group of participants: 

“Meet AlbTalents” is addressed to young people, entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, those who are doing doctoral studies, graduates, university students, mostly aged from 20-40 years old, with Albanian nationals currently employed to abroad for study or employment, who are interested to offer their intellectual contribution within the working groups, which will be created.

Besides of this, this initiative also is addressed to them (ex) immigrants who are back in Albania (some of them have taken a route back again, they who will tell to us how they asses the environment here), in particular but not only thanks to the fiscal stimulants provided by law.

Methodology: Speeches, Interviews, Documentary Research and Work Groups.

Main topics to discuss on International Conference in Vlora City: 

  • Emigration of Albanian youth in Europe and more.
  • Gratitude for the new generation.
  • Talents Circulation, Data, Problems, Perspectives.
  • Our time is NOW; Leave or Stay ?!
  • How many companies are open to the international talent ? ( Experiences from companies with foreign staff).
  • Regional Policies and Success Experiences.
  • “Anti-Exod” Method and More…: Actual  policies, national and international perspectives.
  • Presentation of recommendations for the draft-law and. 

Four Working Groups:

First Group: Policies for Albanian Talents Circulation

Second Group: Policies to encourage absorbtion of foreign talent 

Third Group: Policies to encourage the contribution of emigrated talents in their origin country (Albania).

Fourth group: Policies to promote country attractivity, inovation and youth dexterity.  

Conference finally came up with recommendations, which after the processing, considering the results of a questionnaire on-line, on the topic in question, will be published in a publication, which will be available on-line at this site.

Promoter: Centre for European Policy Study for Regional Development and Local (LOGO).

Partner: University of Vlora Ismail Kemal (LOGO), Vlora District Council (LOGO), Chamber of Commerce Vlore (LOGO), Vlora Regional Development Agency (LOGO), English offering guided (LOGO), English Tourism (LOGO).

Main Sponsor: Sigma Insurance Company, Vienna Insurance Group (LOGO).

Other sponsors: Western Union (LOGO) and Credins (LOGO).

Partner and sponsor Media: TV 6 + 1 Vlora, TV News 24, TV AS, Magazine Monitor.

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