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Design Practice in an Era of Disruption

The Center for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development-CRLDS is pleased to invite you in the Workshop on the topic:

"Design Practice in an Era of Disruption”, by Steinar Valade-Amlande"

Time: 19/01/2017, 10:00-13:00

Venue: University of Arts of Tirana, Tirana

The workshop focuses son the megatrends and new developments influencing the design industry.How to identify new opportunities for design and identify relevant value-chains for design to play a role, discussing the new and changing roles of a designer. Also discussing why protecting a design needs to be considered, when it's relevant and how to deal with IP in a collaborative context. Finally, how to create strategies in order to promote a design or the added value of design in complex solutions. The overall idea is to engage designers and design student at reflecting on their own current or future professional practice. This will also help the participants to see design as a component in fostering innovation and financial growth within Europe – a.o. through up-to-date examples of how design is currently changing European markets.

This event is in English

Free admission, but with registration.

For registration write us at: