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Seminar_Education for global and sustainable citizenship

Last week was intense for the European Policy Study Center for Regional and Local Development.

It started with the development of the online seminar, held on 29.03.2022: "Education for global and sustainable citizenship", by Luiza Hoxhaj, in the framework of the Achieve project, funded by the European Commission, under the Europe for Citizens Program .

In the current system, a paradigm shift is needed. There is a need for personal interests to converge towards the collective interest; it is necessary to combine criticism with the practice of transformation, that is, to act to transform reality.

We need to educate young people about global citizenship and a sustainable life: all the opportunities that justify the well-being of the community to have the primacy of politics over the economy, cooperation over competition. This includes helping students understand and appreciate human rights and common global challenges in order to become committed citizens.

In short, we need to be committed, feel involved in the choices we make every day, and take responsibility for ourselves.

The seminar was attended for 2 hours by 25 students and 10 representatives of civil society organizations engaged in the field of civic education.