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The Saint George Days

It is a great pleasure for us to announce that the project called "Democratic Engagement and Civic Participation", funded by the European Commission, under the Program: Europa for Citizens has won approval.

As already is written in the program of activities of the project the first event will be the "Saint George Days Festival", between April 22-24 in the Saint George City, there will be various cultural events, arts and craft fairs and Cultural Garden. The program will also include the national and international performers. The event of Saint George days will to be a community celebration.

As a partner of the project, our center will participate in this event with an delegation of 3 members. On April 22, with the participation of all partner cities, there will be organized a conference, where the culture will be the main topic. All the partners are invited to have a short presentations about the cultural strategy of the partner cities. On the same day there would be the opening of a very special exhibition, where delegates of partner cities or partner organizations would present the traditional costumes, which are characteristic to their region. The exhibition will last until the final day of the Festival, April 24th.