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Learning from the past to ACHIEVE a better Europe

We all know that a deep knowledge and comprehension of history, both from a local and a global point of view, is fundamental to understand the present world and to walk towards a better tomorrow. What is equally important is the awareness that, apart from national narrative, very often different countries share much history in common, in terms of social, political and cultural processes.

The effort to draw the attention on such joint aspects represents not only the basis on which the European Union was founded, but also the gateway to rediscover and unveil its essence: a bridge between nations and cultures which share a set of common values and move together for the welfare of every single member-country, for the environment and thus for the whole society, encompassing its own borders. Here come into play a brand-new project, ACHIEVE – Awareness of Common History for Identifying and Extending the Values of Europe.

The project’s consortium, led by the “Cultural Institute on Social Sciences Nicolò Rezzara ” of Vicenza and Breganze Municipality, and including several associations and Municipalities from Central and South-Eastern Europe, will join forces and work together for the next two years in order develop a European identity starting from a reflection on common history, art and religions as a tool to fight the rise of Euroscepticism. ACHIEVE project officially kicked-off on June 25th and 26th in the Municipality of Erdut, a small town on the Danube. During those days partners got to know each other and presented the different organizations and Municipalities to the local population.

A special focus was dedicated to Euroscepticism in the countries involved, also in light of the recent elections. What’s next? Each partner will start implementing local actions, tailored to each community.. waiting for the next meeting in Prague at the House of National Minorities!