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Center already offers the certification on "European Informatics Passport"

Social and economic development of a country is closely related to information and communication technologies (ICT), known as the technology of general interest. ICT and broadband technologies offer the potential to overcome many unique challenges and constraints that characterize traditional rural economy. TIK is increasingly playing an important role in economic and social development of the country.

The areas of education, health, transport, trade and government services are directly affected by the development of ICT. To increase opportunities for economic development in the country especially in order to include all citizens in the development need to create opportunities for the use of information technologies and communications in a wide range so that every part of the territory to become as attractive for investments and increasing interest of people to move into these areas, or even in the European territory for tourism, trade, employment, etc. the center CRLDS has identified as an important priority: The development of ICT in providing a range of wide electronic communication services and ensuring reliable connections and affordable through these services. To meet these challenges is essential expansion of internet access services to broadband (broadband) and high speed across the country. Offering internet constitutes an important element that enables the development, but to progress it can not walk hand in hand without education in this field. In this context, have always need for improvement.

Centre through cooperation with EIPASS Albania, in accordance with the situation and the challenges facing the country, including the provision of broadband services throughout the territory as well as its use by all sectors (public and private sectors, including industry, operators and service providers, as well as the local authorities (municipalities, communes), aims to promote the use of ICT in Albania and take concrete action to improve the usability and accessibility of communications services offering training courses to equip the people with European certificate of Informatics (European Informatics Passport).

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