Design and management of regional development concepts emphasizing visibility and Public Relations



Albania is in an on-going decentralization process. More and more responsibilities are being shifted to regional and local levels. Public and private actors engaged in regional economic development are subsequently required to systematically improve their specialist knowledge, methodological, social and personal skills and competencies to be able to make a substantial contribution to growth and prosperity in their home regions. This is of particular importance for civil servants working in local administrations over the country, who are still the main actors in managing local and regional development concepts.

Type of activity: Seminar

Time of delivery: Date: 30/09/-1/10/2015

Location: Hotel Pavaresia, Vlore

Trainer: Manfred ZIEWERS

Mitigation: Luiza Hoxhaj.

Partner: Center for the Study of European Policy for Regional Development and Local, Municipality of Vlora      

Project Funding: Co-financed from: Europa for Citizens Program, F.P.M shpk and Seman Security Vlore  

Trajneri Manfred ZIEWERS ofrohet falas.    

Mediatic partner: TV Vlora 6+1