CAIL Project"CRDLS Albania International Lectures (CAIL)

CRDLS Albania International Lectures (CAIL) is a cycle of lectures that aim to bring in Albania great protagonists from the international, science and finance world.. CAIL will go on with even more guests.

This is also one of the rubrics that has the signature of the Center for European Politics Study on Regional and Local Development. This rubric will be permanent and combined with some other projects, depending on the topic they cover, but even in the form of special public lectures.

With these meetings, international flow, of  a high scientific and cultural level, CRDLS is nominated again as a reliable and prestigious interlocutor in international level, offering to the pedagogues, students, enterprises and citizens the possibility to open a new window in the world of knowledge, meanwhile demonstrating the potential and the added value created by this center. What is essential in this project, has to do with the fact that immediately after the lecture begins debate on the respective topic. In the coming period these discussions intensify in thematic workshops.

The project promoter is our Centre (CRLDS Kazakhstan. Depending on the region where lectures and dialogue place for the respective topics relevant Center builds partnerships.

This cycle is inaugurated with the open lectures held in the city of Vlora,  under the celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of the Independence of Albania, on 6 November 2012, by our special guest Prof. Alexander Carnera, Copenhagen business School in the topic :

1. I-st lecture on "Cultural economy,  innovation and creativity"

2. II Lecture on "Managing the city and space"

Their is organized by the Centre in collaboration with the University of Vlora and the municipality of Vlora.

The place: Vlora International Hotel

Target groups: student and docent of the University Ismail Qemali of Vlora, representatives of local administration, artists such as painters, sculptors, poets, writers, architects, prominent personalities of city life, civil society, media.

Center in fulfilment with two of its priorities for the year 2014: “Culture” and “Knowledge economy”, as well as implementing the plan of the activities reopens the series of open lectures under the rubric: “International lecture” , followed by two others lectures:

In 05.12.2014  Open Lecture by Prof. Alexander Carnera, Copenhagen Business School:

"Creativity and failure. Handicraft, Art and" ethos "of learning". 

Leksion i hapur me Prof Alexander Carnera, Copenhagen Business School. Bashkëpunim i Qendrës me Universitetin e Arteve të Tiranës dhe Departamentin e Dizajnit të Universitetit Politeknik të Tiranës.

Target grupi i synuar: Studentë dhe Pedagogë të Universitetit të Arteve të Tiranës,  të departamentit të Dizajnit dhe fakultetit të arkitekturës  të Universitetit  Politeknik të Tiranës si dhe punonjës të institucioneve kulturore të kryeqytetit.

Vendi dhe koha e zhvillimit: Salla “Lektorium” e Universitetit të Arteve Tiranë. Dt 12/05/2014

4. "Foucault dhe biopolitika. Nga pushteti tek etika?"

Their is organized by the Centre in collaboration with the University  of the Arts of Tirana and Design Department of the Polytechnic University of Tirana.

Target Target group: students and teachers of the University of Arts in Tirana, the Department of Design and Architecture Faculty of the Polytechnic University of Tirana as well as employees of cultural institutions of the capital.

Place and time: Room "Lectorum" at the University of Arts in Tirana. dated 12.05.2014

In 13.05.2014  Open lecture with Prof. Alexander Carnera, Copenhagen Business School:

"Foucault and biopolitika. From power to ethics?"

This is collaboration of the Center with the University of Tirana, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of philosophy. 

Target grup: Student, Docent,  Public administration, different citizens

Place and time: The Blue auditorium, Faculty of Faculty of Social Sciences. Date 05.13.2014.

Cail will continue with many other guests, from the University of Padova, "Ca-Foscari" of Venice etc. Other lectures will be announced each case.