Resources of income

The financial resources of the center will be:
  • Donations and sponsorships
  • Participation in projects
  • Income from its activity

As sources of incomes will serve: the funds and treasure  given by different donators including even the state, from public or private  subjects, local or foreign, as well as the incomes from the economic activity and treasure owned by the center ,co-financings or finances from the communities and the beneficiaries of the services of the center.

The treasure and the financial sources of the Center as well as the incomes that come from these or other activities of the Center are used for the predicted purposes of this Statute.

The Center doesn`t accept donations or financings on condition that limit its freedom of decision-taking or its freedom to act independently. 

Receiving funding for various projects and activities, in fulfillment of its objectives, the Centre will make maintaining its independence.