Provision of Country Intelligence Reports


Title: Provision of Country Intelligence Reports

 Time: 1 June 2018- 31 May 2019

 Lead Partner: Blomeyer & Sanz

 Partner for Albania and Kosovo: Center for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development_CRLDS

 Contract No: EASO/2018/624

 Funding: European Asylum Support Office

Civil society organizations play an important role in the debate on and implementation of asylum policy. Their specific expertise and knowledge is synergetic to the Agency’s work and can be of added-value. EASO is committed to establishing a real and genuine dialogue with civil society  as we strongly believe that the exchange of ideas can be of mutual benefit to both parties. 

Cooperation with civil society is mainstreamed throughout all EASO’s activities ranging from EASO’s work on training and quality, information and analysis, operational activities as well as those related to the external dimension. This contract is one of the case.