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Public Lecture "Why Does Albania Need Public Intellectual"

The public lecture on the topic "Why Does Albania Need Public Intellectual"is already added to the range of the important activities of our Center “CRLDS”.

This lecture was held in the premises of Hotel Doro City, on April 16, 2015, at 11:00 by Dr.Gezim Alpion. Dr. Gezim Alpion is a lecturer at the University of Birmingham and he is of Albanian origin.

This activity was a combination of two sections of CRLDs Center: "The Public Lectures" and the project "Meet Albtalents".

The participants in this activity, who came from different fields, since the topic of the lecture was comprehensive and of public interest, attended this very interesting lecture for about 2 hours.

The lecture was conceived in two parts:

45 minutes the developmentof the topic by Dr. Alpion and

the other 45 minutes for questions, answers and discussion.

Promoting effective VET/AE/LLL approaches aiming at employability in strategic investment projects - Reflections on role of a REDA and their input to employment generation

Time of delivery, Date: 12-13 March 2015

Location: Hotel Mondial, Tirana

Trainer: Manfred ZIEWERS

Mitigation: Luiza Hoxhaj.

The seminar was offered by CRLDS & International coach Manfred Ziewers


The 2-days workshop aimed to strengthen analytical competencies of participants and to train their skills to advocate effective VET-Adult Education-Lifelong Learning approaches to foster employability and employment in the context of a broader human resources development strategy, given the circumstances in a specific country.

Availability of adequate manpower sufficient in number and quality at the right time plays a significant role in the decision making process to perform a particular investment.

The 20 participants were placed in front of a hypothetical situation which had to provide solutions based on knowledge obtained during the workshop.

The Role of Social Partners in the establishment of the National Qualifications Framework for TVET / lifelong learning

Type of activity: Seminar

Partner: Centre for European Policy Study for Regional and Local Development & Manfred ZIEWERS

Time of delivery: 19-20 dated December 2014

Location: Tirana

Workshop Description

Final evaluation of Regional Development Programme Northern Albania

Duration: January 2015 – March 2015

Partner: ÖIR GmbH, Austria  & Center for Regional and Local Development Studies, Albania

Funding: RDP Northen Albania (ADA&SDC)

The government of Albania, Qark Councils as well as donor agencies of Austria (ADA) and Switzerland (SDC) recognized the shortcomings of development in Northern Albania and decided to actively promote the regional development efforts through the Regional Development Programme Northern Albania (RDP). These efforts insert themselves in dynamics of territorial reform promoting decentralization and regional development as principal instruments of Albania’s integration efforts into the European Union.

Democratic Ownership and Civic Participation in Europe

Acronym: DOCPIE

Submitted under the Europe for Citizens Programme's 2.3 Civil Society Projects action:

Debating on the future of Europe: In the current debate on the European Union in times of the economic crisis and following the European elections of May 2014, there is a need to deepen further the discussion on the future of Europe on what kind of Europe citizens want, also stimulating new forms of civic participation whilst reinforcing those existing. This debate should be based on lessons learned from history and consider in particular the concrete achievements of the European Union. Such debate should not be limited to citizens already supporting the idea of the European Union, but reach out to citizens who have not been involved so far, or who reject the Union outright or put in question its achievements.

The main applicant and coordinator of DOCPIE is the Slovenian organizationDruštvo za razvoj podeželja.

Ways to strengthen female entrepreneurship in rural areas

A description of the workshop

This workshop is the second in a series of seminars cycle, the Center is implementing consistently, which together with the cycle of lectures "Open lecture" serve as instruments for the realization of one of the priorities for the period 2014-2015 Strategy Center, that is, "capacity building" the staff of the Centres and its partners, in order to achieve quality in the realization of its mission.

In line with recent initiatives of the European Commission in relation to the greater of the Adriatic-Ionian, and initiatives of various government projects in this context, the seminar was a continuation of a phase of a long process, in which a place in so virtuous academic interaction dynamics, companies and institutions, civil society capacity building human and social infrastructure to support innovative promotion of a culture of entrepreneurship in regional and local level.

The 1-st Conference: “Tako Talentet Shqiptare- Meet Alb Talents”

"Tako Talentet Shqiptare- Meet Alb Talents" , as part of the "Meet AlbTalents", was held in the city of Vlora, on March 28-29 with the slogan :

"Who finds, who does, who will mbrin" ..

“Talent is the passion to reach the dream, it makes a person happy and the progress more actual…that is why we have to run without falling and to walk without stopping, with our head high and our mind leading us”.

The conference was a joint contribution to the challenge of the state and the Albanian society for the return of professionals in the country and effective reintegration in the social, economic and political. This means the process of adaptation to the country of origin in order that the knowledge and experience accumulated abroad to serve not only the individual but also progress progress of the country and our society.

Through this project Vlora “will run as a national laboratory of  monitoring the phenomenon and experimenting the policies of their re-absorption. Youth, academics, experts, institutions, representatives of the business community etc will discuss topics and solutions that will be undertaken to make reversible the decision to leave the country and to convert the added value of their experience gained abroad.

Promoting youth employment in regional investment sector

Dt Tirana 26-27 February 2014

A description of the workshop

This seminar is part of the cycle of seminars that center aims to achieve continuous, for the realization of one of the priorities of the Strategy Centre for the period 2014-2015, which is: Capacity building "Capacity bulding" staff and its partners, in order to achieve quality as its mission.

In general, the competition has significant impact on the world of work - on products and processes, organizational assets, organization of work and finally in economic geography. In this context, investors, especially those from abroad, have specific requirements regarding the preferred business location, including human resources available. In this context, the role of a regional organization / local development is to facilitate the matching of demand and supply of employment by establishing appropriate activities, specifically how young people are interested. References in existing Regional Development Strategy, the workshop is to discuss strategies for youth employment, the advokatoje systematic approaches, social dialogue and public - private partnerships and, finally, referred some examples of best practices from Germany in promoting youth employment and investment sectors.

CAIL Project"CRDLS Albania International Lectures (CAIL)

CRDLS Albania International Lectures (CAIL) is a cycle of lectures that aim to bring in Albania great protagonists from the international, science and finance world.. CAIL will go on with even more guests.

This is also one of the rubrics that has the signature of the Center for European Politics Study on Regional and Local Development. This rubric will be permanent and combined with some other projects, depending on the topic they cover, but even in the form of special public lectures.

With these meetings, international flow, of  a high scientific and cultural level, CRDLS is nominated again as a reliable and prestigious interlocutor in international level, offering to the pedagogues, students, enterprises and citizens the possibility to open a new window in the world of knowledge, meanwhile demonstrating the potential and the added value created by this center. What is essential in this project, has to do with the fact that immediately after the lecture begins debate on the respective topic. In the coming period these discussions intensify in thematic workshops.