Open lecture by Prof. Alexander Carnera, Copenhagen Business School, De.

CRLDS Center invites you to participate in:

Open lecture: Michel Foucault: Biopolitics - Between power and ethics, by Prof. Alexander Carnera, Copenhagen Business School, De.

The lecture is in two parts as follows:

The first 45 min. 1. POWER OVER LIFE:

Birth of biopolitics –

Society of self-management.
Next 45 min: 2. LIFE AS POWER

Ethics, imagination and how to take seriously the values (the good life)

Questions & Answers

Target group: This lecture is directed to anyone who has an interest in the topic, with particular students and professors of political science, philosophy, architecture, design, art and any person exercising a public function.


”Our current crisis is not so much a crisis of economy, financial, social or political, but first of all a crisis of the social imagination. A crisis of imagining the future, a crisis in ways of thinking about values." Franco "Bifo" Berardi (Italian artist and media-philosopher)

Politics has become Biopolitics, about managing your own life (Self-governance), about adopting to constant change and insecurity – The birth of the Entrepreneurial subject from Kindergarden to Pensionist. Life, politics and Market-Economy puts the idea of the Good Life under pressure. The idea of Liberat Arts Education and long term political planning are being challenged by the short-cuts of self-management and the extreme language of competition. Values of Welfaire and Health are being challenged by the Burnout Society whose burden of the entrepreneurial subject gives rise to low quality in work, stress and other symptoms. Foucault and the Ancient Greek (Aristotle and Stoic Ethics) encourages us again to understand what it means to take values seriously. Ethics is not a manual but a practice of learning how to live, a practice to reflect critically of core values: the Good, Equality, Imagination and Beauty. A practice of self-care (epimelei heatou, Stoic ethics) or Protreptic leadership (Aristotle), a highly popular grogram in Scandinavia for learning to reflect critically on core values. The firmness of character (Ethos) being an important brick in a society of constant demand of development. The subjectivity being the key to the common, Foucault proposes the intimate technologies of the self putting the whole register of human experience into ethical practice: Exercises of otherness, friendship, narrative writing (imagination) and attention. The practice of attentive reflection on values and making them one’s own is the true path of taking values seriously.