Institute for Women in National and International Security policy.

Today, on First October 2019, in the premises of the Hotel Doro City, Tirana, held the opening session of the first “Institute for Women in National and International Security policy.”

At the Inagural Session honor with their presence Chargé d’Affaires    of the US Embassy in Tirana a.i Leyla Moses-Ones, Ms. Ermonela Felaj, Chairperson of the Committee on National Security at the National Assembly of Albania in the Assembly of Albania, Mr. Petro Koci , Vice. Minister of Defense, Mr. Galentin Georgiev, Head of OSCE Department of Security Affairs, Presence in Albania.

“The Institute for Women and Girls in National and International Security Policy" was made possible by the Office of Public Relations of the US Embassy in Tirana in partnership with the Center for Regional and Local Development Studies_ CRLDS Albania.

Women in Albania as well as elsewhere in the world have an essential role to play in providing security and peace processes. The contribution of this Institute goes in this direction, promoting and encouraging their wider involvement and contribution in these matters.

This institute is an example of how the knowledge gained by former students of the US exchange program is being shared, shared and multiplied.

The Inagural Session was moderated by Dr. Edlira Titini, Lecturer Alexander Moisiu University Durres.