The fourth anniversary of the Centre

Four years ago, on 04/05/2012, the Centre for European Policy Studies on Regional and Local Development started officially its journey. Within these four years, the Center has grown, has expanded operations and associates. It has established partnerships with key stakeholders, at national and international levels, from the public and private sector, from the academic world or from the field of research and in the field. We have become part of various European programs such as "Europe for Citizens", "Erasmus +", "Territorial Cooperation", "Interreg Europa", ect ,. We have participated or we have been part, as partner, in organizing various international conferences, in various scientific and cultural seminars or events. The Center, together with its experts, has become part of the evaluation processes of various programs and projects at European level as well as in the sustainability evaluation study of European towns and the ranking of the role of 25 most influential indicators on it.

Our thanks goes to all contributors, supporters and participants in our events. Without them this project could not be developed. THANK YOU!

 A special thanks goes to Ms. Mercedes Bresso, former President of the Committee of the Regions, at the European Commission, who was the first to stimulate, encourage and support our project.