CRLDS Albania becomes official Albanian partner of EAR-AER

CRLDS Albania becomes official Albanian partner of EAR-AER

Posted on October 10, 2016 by nelu neacsu  

On a joint board meeting between EAR-AER and CRLDS (Center for Regional and Local Development Studies Albania), held in Tirana on October 10th, both organisations agreed that CRLDS will from now on represent the European Academy of the Regions in Albania.

The EAR-AER Albania team will be lead by Mrs. Luiza Hoxhaj, president of CRLDS.

Mrs. Hoxhaj lives in Vlorë, Albania. She was prefect of  Qark of Berat and member of albanian parliament. She  studied at University of Tirana , she made an MBA on financiar lidership at Toronto center & Jork university, studied in Risk Managment & Insurance at St.Jons University NY, Master in Regulation of Regional and local Development at University of Padua, Italy,  ect.

The aim of this joint venture will be to create common projects among the various national representatives of EAR AER in order to put into practice the regional approach in the respective countries and also to organise educational cycles and seminars to give inspiration to local partners, municipalities and regional authorities for setting up projects that will enhance regional social economic development.