Competition for the Logo of the Forum

The Logo of the Second Forum for Regional and Local Economic Devolpment is sponsored by Cardone Consulting bvba, Brussels.

The competition for the official logo of the Second Vlora Forum on Regional and Local Economic Development, in the Western Balkans countries, to be held in Vlora on 24-27 October 2017, was launched today on 28 August.

The logo will be designed, considering the facts that the Forum will be hosted  in the city of Vlora, which will be represented through its well-known symbol, while three color waves recall the dorsal that drive the process. In Vlora they find their natural, historic meeting point: the Adriatic-Ionian, the Southern European and the Balkan dorsal.

Meanwhile the logo should symbolically represent the synergy of all actors present in the territory that lead to the regional and local development process as a bottom up process.

Waves will be in the colors that simulate our nation, the sea and Europe: black,  red and blue.

Please, the works and financial offers will be presented until Friday of the first week of September.