2nd Western Balkans Forum on Regional and Local Economic Development

Title: “What future for Western Balkans? A vision from local and regional perspective”
Date: 30 November-2 December-2017
Location: University Ismail Qemali of Vlora

The main objective of the forum is to promote a european approach on regional and local development  through foster the exchange of ideas, reflections and prospects encouraging academics to get more comprehensive information on "real world" issues and policy makers using what emerges from the academic debate as well as trough foster the participation of citizens and civil society to social, political, economic and scientific life as a tool for a better shared future in Western Balkans countries.

The forum will bring together a group of prominent figures, academics, scholars, media personalities, social activists, opinion leaders and the policy makers from Western Balkans who will provide - through interdisciplinary and international perspectives - a forum for regional debate in order to create the exchange of knowledge and discussions of the issues that surround regional and local economic development research and policy , to challenge the existing models and discourses of regional and local economic development, to address current policy challenges and to offer the solutions for better utilization of human mobility.

The Forum is expected to contribute to a better understanding of regional and local economic development perspectives in designing, monitoring and implementing related policies and to produce a set of recommendations to improve territorial's capacities. The recommendations will be submitted to a group of designated strategic partners for necessary follow up and will be published in our website for whom is interested in this field.

 Although the regional focus is on the Western Balkans, we encourage the submissions and participation  by scholars and practitioners working in others regions as well, since their experience may be very beneficial for our region and our region will be more attractive. This will be a unique opportunity to bring together experiences, research, and voices from all over the world.


Participation in Forum is free of charge, but the registration is obligated.

* Deadline for Registration & Application: November 25, 2017

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For Enquiry & Registration: sekretariaFoRLED@crlds.org