Meet AlbTalents


Meet – Alb Talents Project, promoted by CRDLS Albania Center, in close collaboration with local, national and international partners aims to favor a profound reflection of political, sociological and anthropological caracter on the size and shape that the phenomenon of new generations mobility and circulation over the prospect of talent is taking recently. In this project will be engaged different structures as the businesses, associations, companies or foundations that work with foreign staff or how they absorb young people who have studied abroad and how do they find the appropriate local social capital?

Through this project Vlora “will run as a national laboratory of  monitoring the phenomenon and experimenting the policies of their re-absorption. Youth, academics, experts, institutions, representatives of the business community etc will discuss topics and solutions that will be undertaken to make reversible the decision to leave the country and to convert the added value of their experience gained abroad.

All this, being convinced that only through new generations, with their energy and skills, their ability to be a bridge between the present and the future, between the territory of origin and global challenges, we can return to growth, generating development and welfare territory.


The general objective of the project “Meet AlbTalents” is to create an opportunity for participation, confrontation of Albanian young talents who are abroad and those who are already back, to create a dialogue with experts and institutions, to encourage interaction with Albanian companies interested to know and assess international experiences or to give their experiencies. 

Specific Objectives:

  • Focus in the problem with updated data
  • Discuss the attractive policies implemented in a national level and mostly to know the legal basis on the issue.
  • Work on the new initiatives and implemented ones on the local level.
  • Elaborate reflections on how to reinforce these initiatives and to advance proposals in other sizes, available to make our country attractive and to encourage the circulation (beyond the rhetoric of escape)
  • Build relations between talents living abroad and Albanian or international enterprises operating in Albania..

Duration of the project: An annual meeting. First edition period: Dec 2nd /2013 – Apr 30th /2014. 1-st Conference Date:  March 28th  – 29th / 2014

Second edition period: Janurary 2015- October 2015.

Venue : Vlore

Target Group of participants: “Meet AlbTalents” is addressed to young people, entrepreneurs, academics, researchers, those who are doing doctoral studies, graduates, university students, mostly aged from 20-40 years old, with Albanian nationals currently employed to abroad for study or employment, who are interested to offer their intellectual contribution within the working groups, which will be created. Besides of this, this initiative also is addressed to them (ex) immigrants who are back in Albania (some of them have taken a route back again, they who will tell to us how they asses the environment here), in particular but not only thanks to the fiscal stimulants provided by law.

Methodology: Studies,Meetings,Speeches, Interviews,Documentary Research and Work Groups.

Main topics are : Talents circulation, attractive and evaluative policies of albanian and international human capital , discussed through debates and roundtables which will have the participation of different representatives from government, parlament, local authorities, albanian and international docients, experts of human resources.

We have bebuilt 4(four) working groups in order to put points on legislative initiatives that will be available in real time, thanks to the participation of parliamentarians, who will take part in the working groups.