Organizer: Center for Regional and Local Development Studies (CRLDS)

Venue: Hotel Doro City, Tirane

Time: 15 July- 30 November 2019

Funding: US Embassy in Albania

General objective: empowering through knowledge and developing the next generation of girls / women as proactive contributors to national and international security policies.


The Institute for Girls and Women in National and International Security Policy is a 4-day training program, in the context of the 70th anniversary of NATO's creation and the

10th anniversary of Albania's NATO membership. This program is inspired by Study of the U.S. Institute for Scholars on U.S. National Security Policymaking and comes as a

need to contribute through knowledge in empowering girls / women and enhancing their commitment to a better Security Policy and raising awareness of Albanian and regional

public opinion about the importance of strengthening and supporting NATO -s.

Institute for Girls and Women in National and International Security Policies, through lectures by renowned domestic and foreign professors and debates to be held by

high-level experts from the US Embassy, EU, NATO, Ministry of Defense, etc. provide theoretical and practical insights on the security policy-making process and actors

contributing to the formulation of security policies; the nature of security threats, the role of NATO and the challenges it faces in its 70th anniversary.


Target group:

a) Graduates of Political Science, International Relations, Regional Political Studies

b) students of the second cycle of studies (masters) in Political Science, International Relations, Regional Political Studies or

c) new doctorates or researchers (PhDs) in the above or similar field



18 Women and girls

The Institute's program includes three main modules:

1) The process of shaping security policy, the role of different actors in shaping this policy by providing different experiences (case of US, EU, Albania).

2) Analysis of national, regional and global security environment, focusing mainly on the phenomenon of migration and terrorism.

3) NATO's role, changing its strategic concept 70 years since its founding and current challenges.  

At the end of this training program they were provided with a certificate of successful completion in a special ceremony.

Certificate presentations and ceremonies were held at the US Embassy in Tirana.


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