Heaven is in our hands

In dated May 26, 2016, in the premises of Hotel Tirana International, Balsha Hall in Tirana, The Center for the Study of European Policy for Regional Development and Local organized a conference on the value and importance of the figure of Mother Teresa, Gonxhe Bojaxhiu on the eve of the canonization from the Vatican.

This lectures forum is part of the project of our Center called by one of the expressions of Mother Teresa:

 "Heaven is in our hands"

This significant project has its origins in one of the most popular sections of our Center: International Center's Lecture (CAIL).

The onset of the project, which is already the first event in our country before Mother Teresa's beatification of is opened by Dr. Alpion joy, from the University of Birmingham, UK, who held The Public Lecture: "Mother Teresa: Challenges of the study before and after the cannonisation".

With a lot of detail on this figure known, he attracted the attention of a diverse audience of students, clerics and diplomats, citizens, scholars and believers.

Dr. Alpion studied at Cairo University and had a doctorate in England, where he was a lecturer at several universities before being appointed to the University of Birmingham. Dr.Alpion believes that it is important that for Mother Teresa and figures of such magnitude be discussed as much with the young university. He is the author of studies on the sociology of religion, nation, media, race and ethnicity, published in scientific journals of England, America, Australia, the Netherlands and India.

This is the second collaboration with Dr. Joy Alpion Policy Study Centre for European Regional and Local Development, after the 16 April 2015 when she delivered a lecture: "Why Albania needs public intellectuals".

On this public lecture, referring to the fact that it is a major figure like Mother Teresa, comes combined with other elements such as:

  1. Screening of a documentary film on the life and work of Mother Teresa, the screenwriter z. Rukaj and a director Petrit Mr. Kujtim John;
  2. Legjërimi Dr. Alpion joy, from Birmingham University, UK on the topic: "Mother Teresa: Challenges of the study before and after the consecration".
  3. A panel discussion with academic and cleric, who discussed various dimensions of the figure of Mother Teresa, consisting of Prof. Perparim Kabo, Prof. Nevila Nika, Don. And Dr. George Mete Alpion joy, moderated by Luiza Hoxhaj.
  4. Comments & Questions & Answers.

Seminar on the use of San Tereza figure as an inspirational model for Albanians.

Drafting of a manual for school pupils.

Lead Partner: Center for European Policy  Studies on Regional and Local Development - CRLDS Albania


Academy of Sciences of Albania

National Experimental Theater Kujtim Spahivogli of Tirana