The Goal

The Center for the Study of European Politics for the Regional and Local Development operates in the field of regional development policies and local and aims:
  1. The creation of a center for meetings and for the exchange of knowledge, opinions and information between the operators and the researchers of the local and regional development, that aims at creating a learning community about the topics of regional and local development.
  2. The promotion of cultural, study and research initiatives and also the orientation or the continual education in the field of the arrangement of the development of the territory   and the European prospective as well.
  3. The activation of the network of relationships and the strengthening of the social capital included and the interested in local development, through an activity of the network among different local institutions.
  4. The transmission of the ideas and the interpretation patterns of the local development dynamics that characterize our country and the SME system, as well as their way of arrangement, through the typical interpersonal network  for the non-profit  associations, contributing thus  in the production of knowledge as a public good.
  5. To expand and deepen academic knowledge development processes by means of analyzing local perspective of local development.
  6. To promote ideas, innovative approaches and methodologies to local systems analysis and programming development and implementation of public policy
  7. The Centre will contribute to the strengthening of education on topics of European policy in this field, by means of realization of courses that provide opportunities to local administrators, district officials and other stakeholders territorial deepen their knowledge on the euro-disagn on mechanisms of participation in community policies as well as the financing opportunities offered by Europe.
  8. In view of its objectives, the Center will organize conferences and seminars, training, perfection and updating courses, through promoting studies and research laboratories and through promoting and taking part in projects with this kind of goals. It will also publish documents and studies, will gather and will make possible the circulation of information, giving thus an impulse to the actualization of the common actions in order to achieve its goal.