Our Activities

Time: 18/01/2017 10:00 – 14:00 a clock

Venue: Hotel Doro City, Tirana

Workshop on the topic:  "FROM DESIGN THINKING TO TANGIBLE CHANGE: AVOIDING DEAD-END INNOVATION BY INVESTING IN THE FUZZY FRONT-END". , is organized by CRLDS Albania and helded by Steinar - Valade Amlande, THREE POINT ZERO, Denmark. 

The workshop: addressing to anyone in charge of or engaged in development of products, services or initiatives – public or private – and which focuses on how design thinking can contribute to better results ;



Venue: Hotel Doro City

Time 10:00-13:00

In the afternoon the “Forum on regional development” was continued in the premises of the newly established Vlorë Youth Centre with two lectures about various aspects by young Albanian speakers.

M. Louis Delcart finalised then with a lecture on Entrepreneurship that was much appreciated by the young audience.

First Forum of Regional and Local Economic Development - organized by CRLDS and EAR in cooperation with the Municipality of Vlora, with Qark of Vlora, with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vlora and the University of Vlora, with the support of the Flemish government.

A “Forum on Local and Regional development” was organised by CRLDS in co-operation with EAR-AER and Flemish Government  in the town hall of Vlorë municipality in the presence of the mayor of Vlorë, M. Dritan LELI.


12 October 2016

On the third day of the EAR–AER fact finding mission toAlbania, the board members were brought to Elbasan for a second conference of a mission on the topic: “Is a European Regional Approach fruitfull when it comes to Developing Economy and Employment? “ 

The conference was organized by CRLDS Albania and European Akademy of Regions in collaboration with University “Aleksander Xhuvani” of Elbasan.

Two presentations took place. The first one was at the Multimodal Center of the Aleksander Xhuvani university.

13 October 2016, in Berat

The fourth day of the facts mission in Albania brought the team of the EAR EAR and of the CRLDS Albania in Berat, a historic city of some 45,000 people that has suffered a huge positive change of image in recent years and trying to fully utilize assets its tourist.

The team was received at the premises of the Prefect of Berat. The audience consisted of the staff of Council of Qark , of the staff of the Municipality and the staf of Prefect, of Regional Directory of Education, Cordinator of Regional Agency of Development ect.

On 11 October 2016

On the second day of EAR-AER fact finding mission to Albania a conference was organized on  “is a European Regional Approach fruitfull when it comes to Developing Economy and Employment? “

The conference was organized in the premises of  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana (CCIT) by  the CRLDS with the financial support of the Flemish Government.

As one of the partner of the Saint George city at project: "Democratic Engagement and Civic Participation", funded by the European Commission, in the frame of "Europa for Citizens Program", Measure Town Twinning,  our delegation of 3 members was cordially invited to attend the 25th edition of the Saint George Days, which was held on 22-24 April 2016 in the Saint George city.

During our stay we got part in the following programs:

Centre CRLDS in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences organized on 18.05.2016, in the "Hall of Excellence" of this faculty an Open Lecture, by Prof. Alexander Carnera, Copenhagen Business School, De, on the topic:

"Michel Foucault: Biopolitics - Between power and ethics".

This lecture helded in two parts as follows:

The first 45 min. 1. POWER OVER LIFE: Birth of biopolitics - Society of self-management.

The second 45 min: 2. LIFE AS POWER: ethics, imagination and how to get values ​​seriously (good life),

In dated May 26, 2016, in the premises of Hotel Tirana International, Balsha Hall in Tirana, The Center for the Study of European Policy for Regional Development and Local organized a conference on the value and importance of the figure of Mother Teresa, Gonxhe Bojaxhiu on the eve of the canonization from the Vatican.

This lektures forum is part of the project of our Center called by one of the expressions of Mother Teresa:

                                                      "Heaven is in our hands"

After meeting with local stakeholders, whose activity has an impact on local and regional economic development, representatives of EAR-EAR and CRLDS Z,  moved into the premises of the High school "Dude Karbunara Baba", where they were welcomed by the director of the gymnasium Z., who made an excellent summary of the results of this elite school  in the national level.

Economic development in practice:

From sector scills and occupational standarts of the regional councils to educational standarts, learning programmes and qualifications authorities.

What role for qark and a regional development agency in establishing a national qualifications system.

With Manfred Ziewers, International Trainer.

Tirana on 29-30 2016

Albania is in an on-going decentralization process. More and more responsibilities are being shifted to regional and local levels. Public and private actors engaged in regional economic development are subsequently required to systematically improve their specialist knowledge, methodological, social and personal skills and competencies to be able to make a substantial contribution to growth and prosperity in their home regions.

CRLDS Albania in cooperation with Vlora Youth Centre, organised, yesterday, dated 09.15.2015, in Vlora, under the project Docpie, an local activity with the theme: "Active Citizenship and Education of Volunteering".  After the presentation of Dr. Luiza Hoxhaj,  we had an active discussion with the participants on the subject in reference. Youth brought, also, their experiences, success stories were told, needs to expand and promote volunteerism. Interventions of Mr. Ilir Nikaj, Executive Director of Vlora Youth Centre helped in guiding the discussion on local terrain.

Center organized on 12-13 March in Hotel "Mondial", Tirana, the workshop: Promoting Effective AFP / AE / LLL, approach aiming employment strategic investment projects - Reflections on the role of a REDA and contribution in generating employment.
The seminar was offered by international coach Manfred Ziwers.

The public lecture on the topic "Why Does Albania Need Public Intellectual"is already added to the range of the important activities of our Center “CRLDS”. This lecture was held in the premises of Hotel Doro City, on April 16, 2015, at 11:00 by Dr.GezimAlpion. Dr. GezimAlpion is a lecturer at the University of Birmingham and he is ofAlbanian origin.

This activity was a combination of two sections: "Public Lectures" and "Meet Albtalents".

Presentation Activity Centre for European Policy Studies Local and Regional Development was held on 11.06.2012 in Hotel Internacional in Vlora.
Considering the fact, that activity was listed as one of the events on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary independence was attended by representatives of government struturave and institutions present in the territory, representatives of organizations ndrzshme, professors and students of the University Ismail Kemal Vlora, artists and intellectuals of Vlora District.

On 24.02.2015 in Hotel Colosseo in Shkodra, the Center in cooperation with its partner, OIR, with the support of RDP's, organized a round table to present and consultation findings, lessons learned and recommendations for stakeholders in the RDP Program Northen Albania. Participants in the discussion were: donor representatives, respectively from Austria Development Cooperation (ADA), Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), representatives of OAR Regional Beratung GmbH, Austria; Helvetas Swiss Cooperation, Switzerland, and Co-Plan, Albania.

Center, in collaboration with international coach z.Manfred Theodor ZIEWERS, held on 26-27 February 2014 in Hotel Sokratis, Tirana, the workshop:

"Promoting youth employment in regional investment sectors".

Center organized on 19-20 December 2014 in Hotel Socrates, Tirana seminar on "Role of Social Partners in the establishment of the National Qualifications Framework for TVET / lifelong learning".

In the event attended from a member of staff of the Center, its associates, representatives of public structures which cover issues of lifelong learning, as well as representatives of trade unions.

Fostering female entrepreneurship in rural areas

On September 11th -12th, 2014, in the trajning hall of Bologna Hotel, in Vlora, took place the seminar  of  “Approaches to fostering female entrepreneurship in rural areas”, organized within the priority of the Centre for development of training and scientific activities, which aim to increase management capacity of staff of the Centre and its associates and the development of contacts and promote dialogue between the Centre and public actors, economic and social factors in the Region Vlora.

March 28-29, 2014   Vlore

“Talent is the passion to reach the dream, it makes a person happy and the progress more actual…that is why we have to run without falling and to walk without stopping, with our head high and our mind leading us”.

Open Lecture with Prof. Alexander Carnera, Copenhagen Business School

Foucault and biopoitics. From power to ethics?

The Center for the Study of European Politics for Regional and Local Development in collaboration with Faculty of  Philosophy in Tirana organized on May 12.201406. at 10.30 in, Hall  “Blu”, Faculty of Philosophi,  University of Tirana Open Lecture in the topic:

“Foucault and biopoitics. From power to ethics?”

This lecture, part of the segment "International lecture", was developed according to the following order:

Awareness campaign to involve local stakeholders in the Project: Expo of  knowledge: a process of social construction.

Vlore on 06/11/2012

Expo of  Knowledge is a national event, which gives voice who wants to change the country for the better ". Not without reason, its introduction is done in Vlora, in this 100th anniversary of independence.